Is Psy suffering a Hangover?

Hangover – the title, the themes, the video – is a bit of a departure from Psy’s recentĀ video hits. This track, like a cheapĀ  bottle of rice spirit, is a little hard to get to the bottom of. As with his previous international successes, you can’t judge the book by its cover, yet it’s hard… Continue reading Is Psy suffering a Hangover?

Propagandhi at Miami Shark Bar 9/6/14

This was one of those nights I wish I had thought to get earplugs. The PA was cranked fairly high from the get go for the almost humorously angry opener, complete with a frontman who tried to make his own mosh, and the more classic hardcore tones of Adelaide’s Crisis Alert. Both of bands went… Continue reading Propagandhi at Miami Shark Bar 9/6/14