Bob Dylan & His Band at The Tivoli 27/8/14

Almost 1500 people packed into The Tivoli on Wednesday night for a very special evening with Bob Dylan. Some had waited the whole day in line outside to score a good spot, others squeezed themselves in afterwards. Apparently Tim Finn and Robert Forster were inside somewhere too. There was an excitable buzz going around the… Continue reading Bob Dylan & His Band at The Tivoli 27/8/14

The Book Thief (2013) will steal your heart

This is a brave film. Brave in that it doesn’t shy away from showing a full range of emotion and exploring concepts of humanity, despite being a family film. Set in a bleak German town on the brink of World War II, our hero is a young girl adopted out along with her brother, who… Continue reading The Book Thief (2013) will steal your heart

The Expendables 3 (2014) – Back in action again

Don’t ask me why, but I was a little worried going into this third instalment of a franchise I have enjoyed so much. Reviews haven’t been great for The Expendables 3, but then again they’ve rarely been great. I was, admittedly, wondering how Sly and the crew could keep serving up something as fun and… Continue reading The Expendables 3 (2014) – Back in action again

Robin Williams – Mr Wonderful

Where do you even begin to talk about the life and work of a man so crazily prolific as Robin Williams? Everyone from Baby Boomers to Generation Zs have grown up laughing at his many roles, and then there’s the serious stuff too. My own introduction to him was through Disney’s Aladdin, as the lovable,… Continue reading Robin Williams – Mr Wonderful

Stand Up Guys (2013) – Quite Underrated

I don’t know how Stand Up Guys flew under the radar like it did, I don’t really remember it being talked about after its release, a shame really. This is a stylish, well crafted film that sticks to its guns and offers a fun and surprisingly touching story. The comedy ranges from understated to a little… Continue reading Stand Up Guys (2013) – Quite Underrated

Hard-Ons at Coolangatta Hotel 20/6/14

It was always going to be a good night with the Hard-Ons. A bunch of local bands were there to get the night going, beginning with classic hardcore tones of Loud Goes Bang who were just stoked to be up there supporting their teenage idols, they played hard too. We were then introduced to Raygun… Continue reading Hard-Ons at Coolangatta Hotel 20/6/14

Is Psy suffering a Hangover?

Hangover – the title, the themes, the video – is a bit of a departure from Psy’s recent video hits. This track, like a cheap  bottle of rice spirit, is a little hard to get to the bottom of. As with his previous international successes, you can’t judge the book by its cover, yet it’s hard… Continue reading Is Psy suffering a Hangover?