St. Vincent (2014) – “The old guy, the mean one”

This is a heart warming little film that examines the complications of life through a clever comedic lens. It revolves around Bill Murray’s Vincent, a grouchy and generally unlikable Vietnam veteran, and his new neighbours.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) – Enjoy your stay

What a fun and quirky film this is. Those words have become pretty synonymous with  the films of Indie auteur Wes Anderson, thanks his plethora of bizarre idiosyncrasies. With this project his style seems to have really found its place. Everything, from the production design to the acting, has gelled so well, and you get… Continue reading The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) – Enjoy your stay

Robin Williams – Mr Wonderful

Where do you even begin to talk about the life and work of a man so crazily prolific as Robin Williams? Everyone from Baby Boomers to Generation Zs have grown up laughing at his many roles, and then there’s the serious stuff too. My own introduction to him was through Disney’s Aladdin, as the lovable,… Continue reading Robin Williams – Mr Wonderful

Stand Up Guys (2013) – Quite Underrated

I don’t know how Stand Up Guys flew under the radar like it did, I don’t really remember it being talked about after its release, a shame really. This is a stylish, well crafted film that sticks to its guns and offers a fun and surprisingly touching story. The comedy ranges from understated to a little… Continue reading Stand Up Guys (2013) – Quite Underrated