A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) – is it really though?

I was rather horrified by the opening sequence of this fifth and latest Die Hard film, where my loyalty to Bruce Willis’s heroic character was just about undone. For some reason, probably a misguided attempt to spice up the formula, John McClane goes around ruining everything for the entire opening of the film. Needless to… Continue reading A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) – is it really though?

Stand Up Guys (2013) – Quite Underrated

I don’t know how Stand Up Guys flew under the radar like it did, I don’t really remember it being talked about after its release, a shame really. This is a stylish, well crafted film that sticks to its guns and offers a fun and surprisingly touching story. The comedy ranges from understated to a little… Continue reading Stand Up Guys (2013) – Quite Underrated

Hard-Ons at Coolangatta Hotel 20/6/14

It was always going to be a good night with the Hard-Ons. A bunch of local bands were there to get the night going, beginning with classic hardcore tones of Loud Goes Bang who were just stoked to be up there supporting their teenage idols, they played hard too. We were then introduced to Raygun… Continue reading Hard-Ons at Coolangatta Hotel 20/6/14

Is Psy suffering a Hangover?

Hangover – the title, the themes, the video – is a bit of a departure from Psy’s recent video hits. This track, like a cheap  bottle of rice spirit, is a little hard to get to the bottom of. As with his previous international successes, you can’t judge the book by its cover, yet it’s hard… Continue reading Is Psy suffering a Hangover?

Propagandhi at Miami Shark Bar 9/6/14

This was one of those nights I wish I had thought to get earplugs. The PA was cranked fairly high from the get go for the almost humorously angry opener, complete with a frontman who tried to make his own mosh, and the more classic hardcore tones of Adelaide’s Crisis Alert. Both of bands went… Continue reading Propagandhi at Miami Shark Bar 9/6/14