St. Vincent (2014) – “The old guy, the mean one”

This is a heart warming little film that examines the complications of life through a clever comedic lens. It revolves around Bill Murray’s Vincent, a grouchy and generally unlikable Vietnam veteran, and his new neighbours.

The Two Faces of January (2014) – Holiday in the Sun

What I love about this film is that it’s something of a throwback – had it been shot in black and white and featured a few silhouettes it could almost be mistaken for a classic adult thriller. While it doesn’t reach the lofty heights of a Hitchcockian drama, it certainly makes an effort.

Prisoners (2013) – Pushed to breaking point

This film has one of those immediately intriguing premises thanks to its emotionally harrowing and thought-provoking nature. Two young girls go missing during a Thanksgiving celebration, and in the search for them, their families, and the detective assigned to the case, are pushed past the boundaries of their own morality. It is a devastating thing… Continue reading Prisoners (2013) – Pushed to breaking point

Lucy (2014) in the sky with crystals

This is a fast paced and visually impressive science fiction film that will leave you intrigued, and possibly contemplating it’s tried and tested theme of science’s impact on humanity. It is a story which has been about a decade coming from French fantasist Luc Besson, who, judging by his previous work including The Fifth Element… Continue reading Lucy (2014) in the sky with crystals

Judge Match – Dredd (2012) VS Judge Dredd (1995)

Mega-City One may be well and truly big enough for the both of these Judge Dredd flicks, but let’s see how kind the years have been to the old Judge and whether this new, upstart Dredd steals the criminal-slaying spotlight. The Rookie The latest screen incarnation of the masked, futuristic supercop comes packaged in a brutally refreshing… Continue reading Judge Match – Dredd (2012) VS Judge Dredd (1995)